ceramic pool tiles

Top Technologies for Pool Accessories, Tiles, and Other Components

There are no limits to designing, installing, and maintaining a swimming pool. With strict compliance regulations and state-of-the-art engineering methodologies, residential and commercial pool owners have a lot to look forward to. Proof of this are these technologies below, which are continually being updated and enhanced to help you make the most out of your swimming pool accessories, pool tiles, and other components.

ceramic pool tiles

Water Treatment

One of the most important aspects of having a swimming pool relates to water treatment, as it plays a direct role in the functionality and safety of your pool. Current technologies do not disappoint, fortunately, where that is concerned. Today, you can choose from several systems that are geared towards ensuring proper water filtration, disinfection, and oxidation.

What’s even better is that these systems come with a gentle learning curve that any homeowner or commercial property administrator will be able to understand easily. Most control units of water treatment technologies can be accessed via the Internet.



Hygiene is another significant issue that has to be navigated well by swimming pool owners and managers. Keeping your pool free of any potential sources of disease or infection is a paramount consideration, especially if you are managing an aquatic centre.

Current technologies that are geared at ensuring proper hygiene primarily deal with managing filtration and re-circulation systems, and involve the particular use of sanitation chemicals such as chlorine. However, there is a more committed effort by the industry to developing disinfection products and chemicals aside from chlorine.


Energy Efficiency

Even energy efficiency is not being left behind. This is important because swimming pools can incur high utilities and maintenance costs, especially if they are not handled well. As such, the industry has invested a lot of time and effort into conceptualising systems that aim to curb energy costs, while also utilising environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Chief among these is the development of high-performance pumps. These equipment can be customised to fit certain conditions in your area that can be harnessed to cut down on your energy costs. For instance, properly choosing the site of the pump installation can be done to better specify the extent of its debris removal function.

At Ceramic Solutions, we strive to be on the forefront of all new trends and technologies to help our valued customers make better use of their swimming pools and pool accessories. If you wish to request the installation or customisation of a specific technology solution or you have any questions, contact us today.