LED Lighting

Today, LED lighting is considered as an optimal solution for commercial and residential lighting applications. In the recent years, there have been massive investments on the LED market and the technology has reached a point where LED bulbs provide a great equivalent light output to conventional halogen, incandescent, and compact fluorescent lamps.

One best way to understand the benefits that this type of lighting has to offer is to perform a cost of owner calculation. This is done by calculating the electricity-saving as well as the costs avoided from not needing to replace blown bulbs.


Another reason why more and more people opt to switch to using LEDs is that it is good for the surroundings. LEDs basically use up to 90% less electricity. This means that CO2 emission is cut by up to 90%. Therefore, you can slash carbon footprint and save on electricity bills.

Freedom to Choose

Manufacturers of LED lamps made it easier to switch to LED lighting. They started designing LED lamps with the same light outputs, cap bases, and dimensions as conventional lamps. With this, retrofitting becomes possible. Most of the time, LED lamps do not slot into the existing fittings and fixtures and provide comparable dimming functionalities. Also, customers could select the color temperature they prefer and the beam angle they want to match the existing setup.

Improved Aesthetics

Designers have been focusing on the aesthetics of LED lights in order to make sure that they will look good as conventional lights. This is very important for globe or candle bulbs in luminaires or chandeliers where a decorative effect is of great value.

The use of this type of light allows users to achieve the kind of look they want for their spaces. The light also comes in different sizes and shapes to make it more fun for users to choose the best ones that will fit their preferences. A quality LED lamp, for example, provides a sparkling warm light with great energy-savings benefits and lesser maintenance cost.

There are some people who may say that CFL or compact fluorescent is a good alternative. But the thing is, CFL is poor and the light quality is harsh and releases harmful UV radiation. Also, they are bulky and most of them are not dimmable, their energy-efficiency is average and the worse thing is, they contain hazardous waste and they have toxic mercury vapor. With this, it will not be a surprise anymore when LEDs will totally take over CFL lamps as their preferred lighting choice.

Although there are so many options to choose from, it is very important to choose one that is best and will offer the greatest benefits. In this case, LEDs become the best choice that many people opt to acquire in today’s time.

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