The proper installation of pool tiles in Australia is important to the resulting functionality, safety, and efficiency of your swimming pool. So if you’re about to commission such a process for your pool project, you know that you need to make sure that you get the right results out of it. And if you need guidance on how you can best manage that, mind these three things.


Technical Requirements

In Australia, there are specific regulations that govern the installation of pool tiles, and it is important that these are followed down to the letter. This is not only because it is necessary for securing a building permit; adhering to industrial standards is also critical to ensuring the resulting safety of the pool.

Additionally, it is worth noting that these regulations for installing pool tiles in Australia may differ from area to area: what may be required in one state may not be what is called for in another. So get apprised on the right information prior to the process.


Choice of Installer

Whom you choose to install the pool tiles is also of paramount importance. There are many types of companies that you can choose from, and they all have according advantages to offer. For the best results, though, always look for:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • A diverse portfolio of projects
  • A comprehensive catalogue of quality pool tiles
  • Good product support and warranty
  • A commitment to upholding industry standards; and
  • Personalised customer service

When vetting the above requirements, it is best to schedule a no-obligation consultation with the company before agreeing to anything. This meeting will help you gauge the service that you can expect from the team, as well as inform you as to the right decision to make.


Maintenance Programme

Finally, ensure comprehensive maintenance after the installation. Preventive maintenance measures are necessary for minimising the occurrence of issues throughout the lifespan of the tiles, while reactive maintenance takes care of any issue that may manifest.

In some cases, your swimming pool installer may also take care of the maintenance. Additionally, there are companies that include maintenance – some extent of it, at least – in their product warranty. If this is not the case with your chosen installer, your repair team should nevertheless be able to help you in mapping out your maintenance measures, and if you have any questions about the process, you should be able to relay them with no issues.

The Ultimate Pool Accessory: Swimming Pool Bar

If you are a pool owner and entertain on a regular basis, you may want to consider purchasing a pool bar. There are a variety of styles to chose from but the most popular is called a swim up bar.

Now you are thinking, a bar for my pool? If you have been to Mexico or the Caribbean, chances are you have seen one. They are very popular at resorts and hotels. Pools bar will certainly bring a little glamour to the pool.

The Ultimate Pool Accessory: Swimming Pool Bar

If you are interested, you may want to familiarize yourself with the types of pool bars out there. In the colder parts of the country, pool bars are not seen very often. If you are interested and haven’t seen any you may want to browse the internet. Read More

concrete pool

concrete pool

Swimming pools in Perth are typical sights, because the city plays host to some of the most beautiful weather in the country. Any homeowner who wants to make the most of the sunshine knows that investing in such a luxurious accessory will prove to be a worthy investment. Why? There’s the increase in market value that a pool will provide. If there are children, they will also be treated to a personal source of joy and happiness, year-round.

So if you are thinking of getting one for your property, you already know that you will be rewarded with a lot of benefits after the project. To make sure, though, that you get the quality swimming pool that you and your family deserve, here are some of the things that you should look into. Read More

Commercial pool tiles unglazed

Commercial pool tiles unglazed

A commercial swimming pool without a floor it would look dull and dry. In most scenarios you may go out to look for tile to fit in you pool with a very wrong mind set, whenever you hear of pool floors what runs in your mind? Is it just color, aesthetics and design? Well they may be good features but that is not all that you need to consider and think of. Here are some other beneficial points to give a second thought. Read More

Pool tiles installation

Pool tiles installation

Think it’s time for a poo revamp? First off, congratulations! A pool renovation does not only improve on the aesthetics of your home, it may also add value to your home. If you have plans of putting your house on the real estate market later on, you will find that more buyers will be more interested in purchasing a property that already has its own access to bottomless relaxation.

Such a home improvement project, though, can tot up significant costs. So it is only fitting that you try to do what you can to make sure that it starts and ends successfully – and well worth your money, every step of the way. Consider these tips.

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ceramic pool tiles

There are no limits to designing, installing, and maintaining a swimming pool. With strict compliance regulations and state-of-the-art engineering methodologies, residential and commercial pool owners have a lot to look forward to. Proof of this are these technologies below, which are continually being updated and enhanced to help you make the most out of your swimming pool accessories, pool tiles, and other components. Read More

Pool maintainance

An important part of swimming pool maintenance involves adding the proper pool chemicals to guarantee clean and safe water. Vital for pool sanitation, swimming pool chemicals will help keep pool water clear, and potential hydrogen (ph) levels balanced. Potential hydrogen measures the level of acidity and alkaline found in pools, the strong smell of chlorine indicates that ph levels have not been balanced.

Pool maintainance

Chemical imbalances in pool water is unhealthful for swimmers, and can damage the pool’s pumping, filtering, or heating system. The ph levels in your pool should be checked two or three times per week. There are a variety of pool chemicals that can treat the water in your swimming concrete pool, including shocks and balancers, sanitizers, stabilizers, and algaecide. Following is a list of common swimming pool chemicals and their uses. Read More

Renting Portable Generators

A portable generator dealers can easily be moved from one place to another making it very useful on a job site. Another advantage of a rental system is that an enterprise doesn’t have to deal with the generator-selection and purchasing process. All they have to do is contact a dealer and rent out a suitable mobile diesel generators model.

Portable Generators

Here are some things you should know before you rent out portable generators:

  • Be sure to ask for a rental contract that lays down the terms and conditions of use. It also includes the rental cost and time details. A rental contract gives you security especially when it comes to long-term rental.
  • There are thousands of companies across the United States that rely on rented generators to fulfill their rental requirements. Industrial diesel generators that offer more than 300KW of power can also be rented for large-scale operations.
  • Renting a generator is the best option when you need on-site power (such as in the case of a construction site). You could also rent industrial diesel generators in case your existing equipment has gone for repairs or maintenance.
  • There are a number of dealers that have their own website featuring rental rates and models of portable generators. Opt for a firm that offers you same day shipping and competitive prices. Such firms also often offer industrial or mobile light towers or pumps that can be used in conjunction with the generators.
  • In certain cases, you might need an entire fleet of mobile diesel generators. When ordering in bulk, do remember to ask for bulk discounts that a number of dealers offer. At the same time, it’s important to check if your chosen firm is offering only the best generator brands made from quality parts.
  • There are a number of firms that offer national rental services. This helps firms with a multi-city presence as they can tie up with a single rental firm for their generator requirements across different locations. This saves you the hassle of dealing with different firms offering portable generators on rent.
  • It’s for these very reasons that gensets are regarded as an industrial worker’s best friend. A generator set from a reputed brand is effective for meeting power requirements for outdoor events or sporting events.


Do you claim a commercial swimming pool? Each time you take a gander at it, do you wish you could accomplish something that would make your pool look a great deal more exquisite? All things considered, that wish can be a reality with the straightforward utilization of commercial pool tiles. Whether it be in your pool or around it, pool tile is certain to make your swimming pool the discussion of the area.

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calcium from pool tile

 If you feel that your commercial swimming pool tiles are corrupting, and they are losing their genuine shape and shading, then actually this would be a result of the proximity of calcium on the tiles, All things considered, calcium is the little white spots that are remarkably seen on the front surface of the swimming pool tiles. It might be possible that the calcium has been appearing because of the lack of attention towards the cleanliness and in the case of any negligence, they slowly eat up the attractiveness of the swimming pool and make it filthy and dirty. If you want to remove all the calcium signs from the tiles without giving any damage to the tiles, then you should make the use of the muriatic acid solution. This solution will help the stains to get remove much quickly and will help the tiles to stay back in same stunning design. Firstly, you have to empty the swimming pool from water and make sure that the pool has been properly cleaned from the leaves and any dirt.

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