calcium from pool tile

Method to Remove Calcium From Pool Tile

 If you feel that your commercial swimming pool tiles are corrupting, and they are losing their genuine shape and shading, then actually this would be a result of the proximity of calcium on the tiles, All things considered, calcium is the little white spots that are remarkably seen on the front surface of the swimming pool tiles. It might be possible that the calcium has been appearing because of the lack of attention towards the cleanliness and in the case of any negligence, they slowly eat up the attractiveness of the swimming pool and make it filthy and dirty. If you want to remove all the calcium signs from the tiles without giving any damage to the tiles, then you should make the use of the muriatic acid solution. This solution will help the stains to get remove much quickly and will help the tiles to stay back in same stunning design. Firstly, you have to empty the swimming pool from water and make sure that the pool has been properly cleaned from the leaves and any dirt.

Now clean all the tiles with the scrub or brush and dip them into the tile cleaner solution. Now take a bucket and fill it with the warm water. Add few drops of Muriatic acid and mix the whole solution. Just make sure that you should cover the bottle while mixing because the chemical can appear as much dangerous for the skin. Now take the spray bottle and sprinkle it on the tiles in the perfect manner. Make sure that you should not leave even a small place with the sprinkling of the solution. As you moved with the spray of the solution, just keep the tiles scrubbing as well. In this way, you have to perform two tasks at one time. Once you are all finished with the scrubbing and sprinkling of the solution now, you have to clean the whole pool from the solution with clean water.

pool tilesAs the water will get dry, you can easily get to the conclusion that whether all the stains and calcium spots have been removed properly or not. Hence, in this way, you will be able to clean all the commercial swimming pool tiles in better and straightforward manner. But don’t forget to wear safety equipment adding with the eye goggles and hand gloves so that you can save yourself from the chemicals. Also, if you get affected with any of the chemicals while sprinkling then you must wash it instantly before it leads to the burning of the skin. We hope that this article would appear as much beneficial for all those people who feel troubled for cleaning their swimming pool tiles. You should need to follow this method by keeping all the steps in mind, and we are sure that you will get back with your fresh looking swimming pool one more time that is free from the calcium spots.